Requesting an application or document

Submitting your request

Requests without a valid or link will be denied. Repeated attempts to submit a request without the required information may result in a temporary suspension of helpdesk privileges.

Administrators and teachers can request a certain application or book for their school or class. It can be any application or book that the Alternative Learning Program deems reasonable and/or appropriate. When submitting your request, please include the name of the content, an Apple link to the content, the price, and the quantity that you're requesting.

Getting the link

To get the link for your application or game...


To get the link for your book...

Please include this link in your support ticket when you submit it.

Pre-screen your content

All app and book requests that we receive are tested and screened before we reach a decision. This means we download the content, take a browse through the app/book for any red flags, then either send your app/book to your iPads or deny the request. If you've requested a large or complex app or book, this can take longer than normal.

Below are some of the criteria we look for before reaching a decision. To expedite your request, please check your app/book against the following list:

  • In-app purchases
    • Apps requested should not be locked behind a paywall. This is because we are unable to make bulk in-app purchases, only app purchases.
  • Ads
    • Apps should not have obtrusive ad placements or tracking ads. Things like banner ads or deceptive ads are grounds for dismissing your app request.
  • Social interactivity
    • If an app connects people with others outside of your school or classroom, we will deny the request.
  • Profanity/Inappropriate content
    • Books or apps that contain inappropriate content are dismissed.
  • Cost
    • Apps that cost more than $9.99 require approval before being processed.
  • Data collection and retention
    • Apps that require a sign-up or login before being used will need to be evaluated for compliance.

This list is non-inclusive and other elements are evaluated during the process.


Q: Why do you require the direct link to the app or book that I want?
A: Some people are incredibly vague in their requests, and it takes time to find out from them what they actually want. To expedite the process, we require a direct link to the app or book that you want so we know exactly what to screen and what to purchase. It gets your stuff to you faster, and it saves us time.

Q: Can I request audiobooks?
A: Yes. The same process applies to audiobooks as it does to books.

Q: How long does it take for my request to be processed?
A: Requests are normally done within the week, but can sometimes take longer due to the complexity of your request.

Q: If my request was denied, can I resubmit it?
A: Unless your circumstances have changed since you last applied, and you can prove it via written communique, no.

Q: If another school was approved for the app or book that I want, do I need to submit my request?
A: Yes. Though, it will take substantially less time to deploy your content as it won't have to pass through our screening process.

Q: Can I have a list of apps and books that were already approved for other schools?
A: No.

Q: Are games allowed?
A: Games with social features (i.e. games that connect players with others in a social network-type environment) are strictly forbidden. However, games that connect students with their classmates or teacher, or single-player games may be allowed. Get in touch to find out more.

Q: I have the link to the app, but it's not an link. Can I still submit it?
A: No.

Q: My request has been pending for weeks now. Why?
A: If you've requested something that throws some red flags, we may take our time and investigate it further. Even though you may never hear from us, rest assured we're still working on your request.