How can I clean my iPad's case?

Cases can be cleaned with soap and water. They are made of rubber and plastic. Here are the steps to cleaning your iPad.

  1. Remove the iPad from its case.
  2. Under warm water, rinse your case thoroughly.
  3. Remove from water, and apply soap. Hand soap, as well as dish soap, will suffice.
  4. With your hand or sponge, scrub the case thoroughly to remove any dirt or smudges.
  5. After your case is nice and sudsy, rinse it thoroughly under warm water.
  6. Dry with a paper towel or bath towels. Do not dry with a hair-dryer.
  7. When the case is completely dry with no water left, reinsert your iPad.

Do not clean your iPad with isopropyl alcohol or any strong cleaning liquids. They can cause the rubber to deteriorate.

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